Jun 282014

We will miss you terribly Ms Hennelly! You have been so good to all of us! This song is a tribute to you from all of us in St. Benedict’s and St. Mary’s. Thank you for everything!

May 232013

The first class pupils take part in station teaching, which is based on the Maths Recovery programme, to learn about number. We call this “Maths Blast”. There are three stations in Maths Blast. There is a Number Words and Numerals station, a Counting station and a Grouping station. The class is divided into three small groups and they spend 15mins working at each station three days a week for the year.

The pupils have shown that they thoroughly enjoy Maths Blast. They look forward to it and are confident to talk about the various activities and resources they use. The teachers involved have expressed that a great amount of learning has taken place and that there are many advantages to using Maths Recovery station teaching.

We made a short video about Maths Blast in our school. Please click below to have a look: