Nov 062013

[suffusion-multic][suffusion-column width=’1/2′]Ms Sheehan’s fifth class pupils were kindly invited to take a trip to the local De La Salle secondary school.

They had a chance to explore the school and see the types of activities that go on there during lessons.

The students from De La Salle showed the fifth class boys and girls around the school and let them take part in a pottery lesson in the school’s art room.

Everyone had a chance to design, decorate and take home their own pottery pieces. They had a great time visiting the school. Thank you De La Salle from all the pupils in fifth class![/suffusion-column] [suffusion-column width=’1/2′]



Jun 282013

Jun 182013

We went to visit the Glanmore Foods factory today. We saw where and how our lunches are prepared everyday with such hard work and care.

Jan 082013

We went on a trip to see The Snowman in the National Concert Hall. It was a magical trip!

Jun 202012

Sixth Class Braving the Wild Irish Waters!